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About Self-regulated Learning (SRL)

The best teaching mode can bridge the gap between the western countries and eastern countries through cooperative learning, from self-regulated learning to the popular flipped classroom programme. The focus is on initiating active learning, letting students become the owner of their own learning. Some scholars have recently promoted “self- regulated learning” from Shandong and it can be served as a teaching mode for reference.

From 2012-2013, Ho Yu started “self-regulated learning” at the Form 1 level through systematic arrangements and implementations so that students can become proactive learners. Through school visits, exchanges and repeated discussions, we confirmed the independent learning ability in our students. This could only be achieved through careful planning. Here are a few core elements:


- establishing students’ own independent preparation skills and their ability to complete their homework

- developing students’ learning capacity through small learning groups

- designing <self-learning outlines> to guide students’ learning

- confirming the flow of self-learning lessons

- initiating mechanisms to evaluate students’ performance


We believe that it is not adequate only if teachers teach well. The only way to develop students as lifelong learners is to let students own their learning and learn with dedications wholeheartedly.

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